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    Talent concept

    People oriented

    Implement human-oriented management, regard employees as the main body of all activities, respect employees, love employees and achieve employees.

    Standardized and efficient

    Decision making is procedural, management is institutionalized, business process is standardized, operation is standardized, implementation is strengthened, safety is guaranteed, and risk is prevented and controlled. We should pay attention to efficiency in business operation and work.

    Loyalty and dedication

    Loyal to the country, loyal to the enterprise, maintain the corporate image, loyal to the cause. At any time and under any circumstances, we will not do anything harmful to the image of the enterprise or say anything harmful to the image of the enterprise.

    Love your job

    Love the enterprise, cherish the post, perform the post duties as a model, and complete the work tasks with all one's strength.

    Study hard

    Set up the concept of diligent learning and lifelong learning, master the correct learning methods, and apply what you have learned.

    Unity and cooperation

    Take the overall situation into consideration, unite colleagues, support each other and cooperate tacitly: be frank, care for each other and understand each other, and be good at achieving personal growth in team building.

    Honest and trustworthy

    Adhere to honesty and trustworthiness as the basis of value, the foundation of life and the source of dignity. Adhere to the personality with integrity and win customers with integrity.

    Observe discipline and law

    Adhere to principles, understand rules and disciplines, abide by national laws and regulations, enterprise rules and regulations, professional code of conduct and professional ethics, and put an end to violations of rules and disciplines, and do not touch high-voltage lines.


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